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What To Do If You Get Lost While Traveling?!

Getting lost while traveling in a city or country you’re not familiar with can be very frightening. Luckily, there are some tips on what to do if you don’t know where you are or how to get back to your hotel when you’re traveling. Although we live in a world where GPS is easily accessible, this source may not always help you, especially if you’re in a foreign county. Perhaps you don’t speak the language, you have no idea where you are, and you can’t get any cell signal. Or maybe you’ve gone on a walk and lost your way. Whatever the situation may be, be sure to remember these tips if you get Lost While Traveling. They could save your life!

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Featured Articles This Month:


5 Lesser-Known U.S. Destinations - Patricia Schultz

Author of 1000 Places to See Before You Die

5 Lesser-Known U.S. Destinations is an informative and enlightening piece written by the spectacular author, Patricia Schultz. The country abounds with countless attractions that—while hardly a secret or considered unknown—might not pop up on the average tourists radar. 

Have you heard of these unfamiliar desintations?

U.S. Destinations You May Not Know About:

1. Canyon de Chelly, Arizona (pictured)

2. Bluegrass Region, Kentucky

Click below for the rest!

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Ways to Take a Long Vacation

You deserve a long, relaxing, and stress-free vacation. Go for it! It's easier than you think.

 While a simple vacation is a great way to escape and see the world, extended vacations let you soak in the culture around you. It can be hard to afford, plan, and prepare for a long vacation, but working around these problems can be easy.

If you'd like some insider tips on how you can take an extended vacation, this article is a must-read!


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Incredible Boutique Hotels in Miami

These hotels offer the hottest getaways with the coolest vibes

Miami is a top vacation destination for beautiful beaches, incredible nightlife, and unbeatable shopping. 

Home to an incredible culinary scene, Miami offers a nostalgic experience for those who enjoy authentic Cuban cuisine and reveling in the magnificent art deco architecture that dots the landscape.

Hotel Perks:

1. Get Pampered! 

2. Free Happy Hour Cocktail Party at a Rooftop Pool

3. Quality Service at an Affordable Price in Miami Beach

....and more!



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Here's what to look out for in the next few weeks on 1000 Travel Tips...

1) 10 Extremely Affordable Fall Destinations

2) Tips For People Who Are Afraid to Fly

3) Top 5 Safest Countries to Visit

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